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With our club having a diverse motoring history, we are lucky to have members with a range of unique and classic vehicles.

Currently the number of PIARC club plated vehicles stands at 217.


July 2019


The following dot-points detail the PIARC attitude to the issuing of Permit Plates. It is a legal responsibility on the club and the members and we must take it seriously. For the club or the members involved to do otherwise would not be a smart move.  If further planning and changes by Vic Roads take place and we will try to keep you informed.

Vic Roads together with the documents originals. Applicants are asked to bring a copy of each document when the approach the club “agent” for signatures. The applicant

must be a current member of the club, proven by Membership Card or membership list at that time.

                                1. - Completed Application for registration

                                2. - Proof of ownership [see below]

                                3. - Vehicle eligibility and standards form

                                4. - If vehicle is modified, an engineer’s report is required [see below]

                                5. - Photos---one from each corner of the vehicle, one of the engine, one of the ID plate

                                6. - Roadworthy certificate

                                7. - Proof of club membership

Explanation - Proof of ownership

This can be provided in the form of an original receipt, previous registration or contract of sale. This document must show the Vin or Chassis number, Engine number, name and address and signature of previous owner, name and address of new owner and date of transaction.

Explanation - Modified vehicles

Vehicle standards information No 33 [vsi33] [PDF296 kb] apply. If the vehicle is modified outside these guidelines, an engineer’s report is required and is available from Vic Roads]

the Club Permit Plates are cancelled.


approve any changes made to the vehicle.

requirements as they relate to their vehicle and its registration.


For further Information contact Brian Williams on 0407 846 281

We publish articles in our club magazine written by members about their cars. We reproduce some of these below to show you some of the diversity we have in our ranks.

If you'd like to write a profile piece on your club-plated vehicle, please contact either Brian or Club President, Geoff Bull.

Below are some photos from the 2018 Piarc Show and Shine


C/- RVAC Building First Avenue

Moorabbin Airport

Mentone VIC 3194

Phillip Island Auto Racing Club Ltd